Wednesday, October 24, 2018

This Youth Page will feature French-Creole history and heritage information of interest to the young in age (or at heart). 

Horseback Riding and Horse Training

Craig Rideau of Louisiana (a Dupre, Lacour, Goudeau, & Metoyer descendant) is a Horse Trainer.  Horseback riding is a common French Creole tradition.  For Craig, it is a Lacour family tradition that goes back to his grandfather, Eugene "Tuck" LaCour who was born on Cane River and lived most his life in Goudeau, Louisiana.  Eugene Lacour reared and trained horses and would teach his grandchildren and great grandchildren how to ride.

Craig works for a Helicopter Company in Lafayette, La. doing Electrical/Avionic Design.  His passion for horses began when he was 8 years old when his uncles gave him a horse.  He now takes horsemanship classes through the Master Horsemanship program with the LSU Ag Center to continually improve his horsemanship skills. Part of the requiresments for taking the class is to teach 4-H kids Horsemanship and safety, but Craig would do it even if it wasn't a requirement.  He enjoys training his own horses and working with kids. 

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