Thursday, July 19, 2018

Claudith Goudeau Washington (Chair) & Theresia Ray Carey (Treasurer)

by Claudith Goudeau Washington

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The 1995 Grand Family Reunion was held in Bloomington, Minnesota from July 7th to July 9th.  The location was special because it was in the backyard of the Internationally renowned, Mall of America!  The time of year was a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the clan what Minnesota looked and felt like without mounds of snow and below 0 temperatures!  I was chair and my beloved cousin, Theresia K. Ray Carey, now deceased (9/24/07), was our very capable co-chair. Our two families worked together so harmoniously that it became a huge blessing just to be together.  Frequent and consistent prayer gave us an incredibly good reunion; everything went well, without a glitch!  The Grand Family members that attended were delighted that so much fun and a good time could occur in (Where?) Minnesota!!!!

One of the fruits of Grand Family reunions to my family is the interest it has generated in our daughters to pursue our family genealogy!  Each one of our daughters has engaged in study of our family history (Gene's and mine) and it has been fascinating to trace our roots!  There are so many computer websites and scientific study of DNA available that it makes this pursuit a lot of fun.  For me, being with family is an energizing and grounding experience because we share a common bond of culture, language, faith in God, and I think, a special warmth and generosity of spirit.  I think it is important for our children to experience this and I pray that they will keep this alive, asking for God's guidance and blessings.

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